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Jam Tuesdays at Dickens Opera House

Every Tuesday night, Walnutbutter and friends will be jamming at the Opera House in Longmont, CO. beginning 7/21, and starting between 8:30 to 9:30 and playing as late as we can, up to 1:45am (or so). The venue consists of the entire 2nd floor of the building: a big stage and plenty of room to dance and party. There's a full bar. No cover charge! Meet us there, we'll be wanting to funk you! To get upstairs, enter the door next to Dickens BBQ on 3rd Avenue. Lots of parking behind the building and more nearby.

Map and photos of area

Delicious Funk/Rock/Jazz Grooves You Can Dance To

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Walnutbutter is not a food product. Unless you consider music to be a food group, which we do! For right now, if you'd like more information, or audio files, visit http://saxy.us. We're on Facebook too, search for us & friend us, but the MySpace page has more to offer!

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